This is us.  Ram, Amber Axel and Autumn.  Right before we knew Little Lukas #3 was going to be joining us.  We love our life in our little Spruce House.     

Ram and Amber.  We met when we were 15, Ram loved me before I loved him back, but I guess that's how love stories go.  He won my heart, and we married when we were 20 in a beautiful stone building in Nevada City on March 13, 1999.  We waited 10 years to start having babies.

Axel River.  All boy.  He loves trains, trolleys, the BART train, trucks, cars...any vehicle.  He talks and talks and talks and is curious to no end.  

Autumn Rain.  Our little girl has joy and light in her soul.  She smiles and likes to say "hi" to everyone she sees.  Loves babies and animals already, but can hang with the boys and play cars.  A sweetheart from the moment she was born.  

Ari Indigo.  Brand new, we are daily getting to know our sweet baby.  He is so loved and adored by his big brother and sister.  Mom and Dad think he's pretty great, too.  

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