Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Almost Six Months

Well, this month came and went quickly. I am sending the 6 month email a little early, because we are leaving on the 9th for Las Vegas for a week. I know things will get hectic with packing, so here we are. Ram, Axel and I are going to spend a week with my sister, Sandra, and Austin, our nephew. We are so excited to see them, as they are us. Austin and Sandra met Axel during Easter break and have not seem him since. They miss him a lot. It will be so fun to show them how big Axel has gotten and all the new "tricks" he has.
This month has been the biggest month of accomplishments so far. Axel has started sitting up for minutes at a time. He is scooting backward around the house; sometime he gets himself into things when I am not looking. i anticipate that this will become much more frequent. He keeps pulling his knees under and getting on all fours, but then proceeds to fall on his face. Soon, I think he will figure out what to do with himself and crawl. I also started giving him some rice in the afternoons. He really likes it, despite the pictures from his first taste. I am planning to make all of his food instead of buying it. So far, that has been fun. Next on the list is sweet potato! I don't think we are going to have any trouble getting this kid to eat!
Earlier this month, we went to the Nevada County Fair up in Grass Valley. This has always been a yearly tradition for me and Ram. We look at the animals, art and other displays, walk through the carnival area, and, most importantly, eat the food!!! I had a corndog, a pasty and a cinnamon roll for dessert. Mind you, that was 2 meals. Axel did not have a clue where he was, but we took him to see the horses, cows and chickens. We showed him the carnival lights, and allowed him to suck the condensation off the outside of our giant pepsi cup. It was more fun for us than him, but all the same, it was the beginning of a new era of one of our favorite outings of the year. Ram and I also have a collection of photo booth strips. We do that every year. It was the highlight of the day for me to get into that booth, the three of us this year, and make our silly faces.
We also took Axel to his first bonsai show last weekend. This also has become an annual tradition as Ram practices the art of bonsai in his spare time. It was a super hot day in a veterans hall with no air conditioner or circulation. But, we had fun and stopped in Sonoma on our way home for Mary's pizza, another annual treat.
I am so looking forward to the coming months. I love the fall and winter. Looking out the window to watch the rain will be something I plan on doing with Axel and the following children for years to come. I can't wait to introduce him the the refreshing water falling from the sky. And then, of course, our first year of holidays with Axel. We are planning a trip to Portland and then a big trip to Japan in the winter...... More to come on that. Life is beautiful and full of beauty and love. Thank you for reading.

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