Monday, November 30, 2009


While discussing the foods we give our babies, a friend of mine said, " Wait, you break Axel's 'O's into pieces?"

Well, yes, I was until then. Until about two weeks ago, Axel would gag on everything of size that I put in his mouth if it wasn't baby food texture. So, not enjoying the gagging, I had been breaking his Joe's 'O's into quarters. I decided maybe I was babying him a bit too much. So we moved up to halfs for a week. Axel proved himself a total animal when it comes to chewing. So, now we are onto full 'O's as well as bite sized pieces of bread and overcooked veggies. I even have him playing with his fork with little bits of cheese on it.

My very favorite is when Axel gets a piece on his face and has does not know it is there. We adults are so paranoid of food on our faces. He just sits there without a clue. It's really too cute for words.

Apparently, Axel thinks he is ready for big food. He enjoyed the mandarin peel quite a bit.

Of course, I had to fish a piece out of his mouth.

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