Wednesday, November 11, 2009


On November 2, we took a five day trip to Portland. It was a nice time for the three of us to get away and enjoy one of our favorite cities. Ram and I were in Portland a little over a year ago while I was pregnant with Axel. In fact, it was the first place that I felt the tiny baby inside of me move around and kick me. I must admit, being pregnant made me quite a home body, so a trip out of town was difficult for me to fully enjoy. The fondest memory of the first trip was feeling that little kick inside. It was such a joy to walk around the city this time with my little baby on the outside, taking in all the sights with me.

Getting ready to go on our trip was a family affair. Axel really got into packing this time, literally. I was able to fit all of our clothes plus Axel's food in this one suit case. That was really nice, since I also had a stroller, car seat, and backpack. Any more than this and we would not have had such an easy time taking the train and then bus to our B&B.

Little Mister has grown quite attached to my necklace. Here he is reaching out of his nursing cover on the plane, looking for something to twiddle his fingers in.

So, we went to The Original, a new restaurant in Portland, that serves traditional favorites with a twist in a very modern setting. The calories displayed are astronomical, I am sure, but we had to give it a try. If you know Ram, you know he has to try a cheeseburger, if it offers something unique. This one did just that. Yes, this is a cheeseburger made with a glazed doughnut as the bun. Interesting combination of flavors, but strangely good. This was the first and the last one Ram ever eats.

Axel drinking out of the famous spring water fountains, many of which are spread throughout the city.

A spectacular Portland view from atop the aerial tram tower.

Getting ready to board the tram.

We love Portland for it's great public transportation and walkability. This time of year was so beautiful. There is so much nature in and around the city.

At a great brew house for our last lunch in Portland. Right after this photo, Axel slammed his moth right against the table, resulting in screaming and the need for me to walk him around for 10 minutes while dabbing the blood from his lip. Poor baby. this marked our first bad restaurant experience with him. Not bad that it took 8 months for it to happen.

Happy again with daddy.

We didn't get to spend a lot of time with Ram on this trip, as he was taking a bonsai workshop, but the time we did have with him was fun. After our last lunch, we walked to get a voodoo doughnut. We came across this bronze sculpture in a park along the way. Last time we were in Portland, I thought that the baby in my tummy would love to see this elephant-like creature some day.

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Hi Amber,

I love the blog - what a wonderful "memory book"! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family!