Friday, December 4, 2009

First Day Back

After a long and wonderful 10 month maternity leave, I returned to work today. I was not looking forward to it (I could be a stay at home mom, for sure), but it went really well. I did not even plan on having any clients, as I was just going to do some Christmas decorating and get myself settled back into the space. I did end up having one client come in for a facial, which I really enjoyed.

My mom is planning to do childcare for me one day a week for a few hours, so I can work about a half of a day. Right now, this is all the work I plan to do. Axel is still nursing full time, and I really don't want to leave him any more than that. I missed my little boy, but I am so comfortable leaving him with his grandma that I didn't worry a bit. It was fun to be making a little bit of money, too.

Thank you, Mom, for taking care of my baby!

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