Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Axel in his kitchen bed while mommy tries to get some kitchen chores done.

This week has not been what I had anticipated as both Ram and Axel have been sick. Usually, I am able to take care of Ram a bit more when he is under the weather, but, this time, he has had to do without as most of my efforts have been aimed at taking care of Axel. This is his first real illness, aside from the fever and rash 3 months ago. Now, we have full blown cough, cold and fever. I am sure his throat hurts, too. Poor little guy. Once again, though, we realize what an easy baby Axel is. I have only had to get up with him one extra time at night. I have heard him moaning and coughing a bit from my temporary bed on the couch, but I don't think he is waking all the way. Much better than I expected!

It hasn't helped that the washing machine stopped working the other day. There goes money I didn't want to spend! Hopefully, it will be an easy fix. They say, When it rains, it pours." I hope this is the end of it for now.

In all, I am trying to enjoy this week for what it is. After all, I have a usually uncuddly baby wanting to be held and comforted a bit extra. So, as I sit and enjoy his warm little body curled up on mine, I thank God for the opportunity to take some time to slow down and give more of myself to the ones who need it most.

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