Thursday, July 15, 2010

First Swim Lesson

Axel started swim lessons in July. I found a really nice guy named Tod, who does the lessons at his house with just a few kids in each class. Ram did Axel's first lesson with him since he had the day off. I am now going with Axel to class. It is so nice to get in some water for a bit every couple days.
We play with toys and try to swim to them. The goal is to kick to the toys.
So far, Axel does not see any need to kick his legs.

He does love the water.

Then, after grabbing on to the side of the pool, Axel sits on the side. on the count of three, he leans forward for Daddy to pull him into the pool. He is now going under water with this step.

The kids like to ride on "Mr. Duck" and the jump off into the pool when the song is done.

I always felt like Axel liked the water, even when he was in my belly. I look forward to watching him swim and love the water as he grows up.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amber,

Glad to see you have Axel in swimming lessons! Hope you are feeling well.

Take care,