Thursday, October 7, 2010

Goodbye Mullett

Well, we didn't get a new baby on our due date, but I did get myself a little boy. Today we said goodbye to baby Axel and gave him a big boy hair cut. I am quite sad to see my little guy's mullett go, but I knew it was time. I asked Ram if it was a bad idea to do such a thing on our new baby's due date, with all my emotions and hormones racing through my body, but only a tear or 2 were shed. There were so few tears that they did not even roll down my cheeks. Tonight, well, that may be another story. I loved that little mullett and could have kept it forever.

First cut...
He was such a good boy....
He didn't even need a treat to keep him still.
The finished do.
Thank you, Auntie April, for giving my handsome little boy his first hair cut.

1 comment:

charity said...

He really does look like such a little boy now. So cute! If only Sam had enough hair to cut ;)