Monday, January 10, 2011

At Home

Axel playing cars on the couch. This is where most of his time is spent.

Usually, each morning as we are having breakfast and getting ready for the day, I am formulating in my head how I can get out of the house. I feel restless and a bit of cabin fever. I struggle to feel content staying at home, doing a few chores and, here's the big one, playing a bit with my kids. I have always known that sitting down with them and giving them my attention as we play cars, blocks or babies would be one of my biggest struggles. I am great at reading stories, but when the script is gone, so is my natural ability.

So, this past month I have been trying to concentrate on being with them. Training them, delighting in them and their company and playing. I still only manage a few minutes at a time, but really, Axel just wants me to drive each car a foot or so and park it in it's new location. I actually find myself more cheerful at the end of the day when we have had a day at home without going out to immerse ourselves in the culture of consuming that we are surrounded by. My babies are so sweet, and they won't be babies for long. Being more deliberate in many areas of my life is the goal for me in the new year. I am starting with focusing on my family to the exclusion of the world outside our walls. Sometimes it is dark and lonely for me in this house, but to appreciate the life God has given me this year is to allow myself to be in this place and appreciate it for what it is. A house full of my most precious companions.

Here is what it usually looks like in our house. No photo shop, no lighting, just us in our mess.

Tummy time on Axel's unmade bed.

I guess you could say we spend most of our day climbing, sitting, cuddling and playing on the couch.

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