Saturday, January 22, 2011

Three Months

Autumn is three months. She is our little sweetheart and is settling in so well as our fourth family member. Most of the time, she is content to hang out with us on the sofa or the floor. She seems to be laid back and tolerant of her brother driving cars on her and giving lots of kisses. Autumn likes to be put in her bed when it is bed time. She will just lay there and stare until she falls asleep. This has been such a gift to me. She still sleeps in Mommy and daddy's room, as we are not ready to put her in the other room with Axel. I really enjoy being next to her at night.

Autumn is right in line with her big brother's growth pattern as she weighs 17 pounds now. She eats well, sleeps well and keeps us changing diapers like a baby should. She spends most of her time holding her little giraffes and chewing on them. It is so fun to see her learn about her hands. We try to do some tummy time (time-time as Axel says it) each day. Her brother likes to lay right there with her and show her his cars, telling her which one he is holding up. Axel also likes to show her how he can eat like a big boy, complete with naming each food he is chewing. He is becoming a really good big brother.

Her smiles, and the addition of laughter this last week, brings such joy to this house. We all love her and are so glad to have her with us. She is ours.

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