Saturday, June 4, 2011


Axel River dressed for rain June 4, 2011
If you know me and Ram, then you know that when we wake up to rain, our hearts feel invigorated and we leap for joy a little bit inside (sometimes literally).  This beginning to June will go down in our history as the best one to date.  When else will I get chance after chance to dress my little boy in his rain boots and let him go out to play in what we think will be the last rain of the season?  To be outside with Daddy is what this boy loves the most.  Today is a tree work day in the rain, so that is where Axel will be also.  At least until Mommy says he is too wet and cold. 

Since most of my days lately are laced with sleep deprivation and depression, this extra rain has been so good for me.  Rain and clouds do not equal gloom and darkness in our little house, rather a joy and amazement of the excitement that God gives us in nature.  I am looking forward to summer, but spring and winter can linger a bit longer, if it's up to me. 

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