Saturday, March 31, 2012

Autumn Rain Turns 1

Spending the day celebrating our sweet little girl was such a beautiful day.  Autumn is such a light in our family.  She wakes up smiling and keeps it up all day, with the occasional diversion.  I am so excited to watch her grow, see her personality develop and to build a relationship with her that will endure throughout our time here on earth together.

The birthday girl awakes a little shy

fun on the swing

intrigued, but not excited

oh, it's cake!

and I'm the center of attention!

demonstrating the right way to go for it when you're 1

another demonstration

she finally got it

but, of course, was very dainty and hardly made a mess

having a sister who knits is the best

I love my sweetie baby (though I need to stop calling her that). She brings such joy to my heart. 

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