Saturday, March 30, 2013


Axel- I'm 4 now, Mom.  I'm big enough to do the dishes
Autumn- Bee
Ari- New skill this week.  Also new: 
scooting, crawling and pulling up onto his feet  
All in one week.

Bonus photo- what a sad face!

A photo of each of my kids once a week through 2013,
inspired by Jodi  

My favorite from this week:  This is Tie


Julie said...

What a sweet, sunshiney bunch! Especially that little bee.

Katrina@capturingmomentss said...

Cutest bumble bee i've ever seen.
Love that I found your blog, I'm doing Jodi's 52 Project as well :-)

Yellow Finch said...

that bonus photo!! so precious.

Anonymous said...

How adorable are your babies!!
That sad face is beyond words!

Over from Che and Fidel!

Brandy Jane Mabel