Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sniffles, sneezes, coughs and creativity

We have a case of the coughs around here. Everyone except daddy is feeling under the weather with a tickly throat and, lucky for Mommy, no one can successfully blow their nose.  So, it's a game of run for the tissues whenever anyone sneezes.  I feel like its helping me look at the whole thing with a measure of amusement; helping to keep my spirits up. If there is a down side to having a long stint of no illness, it might be the loss of coping skills including nose blowing and sleeping through coughing fits. 

As much anxiety as I experience regarding illness when everyone is well, I deal with illness in the house pretty well when it actually happens. (At least so far). 
So, we are trying to stay busy at home. Occupying our minds with creative projects and probably staying in our pjs for a day or more. 

The colors swirling in the playdough, the extra hugs and cuddles. I can see the upside of being sickies for a few days. I love these babies and I love my time with them. 

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