Friday, January 31, 2014

five of 52

Axel River- still one of his favorite spots to play
Autumn Rain- another favorite place to play
Ari Indigo- would play outside all day if he could

 photo of each of my kids once a week through 2014
inspired by Jodi  


cambria said...

Amber I love your couch, especially the deep back. Where is it from?

Amber Joy said...

It's from IKEA. It is a charcoal grey and has held up quite well. The kids are on it all the time. It's a sectional with a huge ottoman, and very flat cushions, so it makes into a large bed quite easily. A bed that I sleep on at least once a week. Ram slept on it for many months throughout our three pregnancies. I am not exaggerating when I say that either. It was 7 months with the last one. What a great husband! We love our couch! They discontinued it a few years ago.

Sandra said...

I love the picture of Autumn. Ari peeking over the edge cracks me up! He really is trying to be one of the big kids!

cambria said...

A great couch and a great husband! Too bad it's not available now!