Saturday, March 15, 2014

eleven of 52

Axel River- explored, climbed and slid- he was fearless
Autumn Rain- pushed herself to keep up. such fun she had sliding
Ari Indigo- first snow

photo of each of my kids once a week through 2014
inspired by Jodi  

The snow was SO far away.  We drove twice as far as we expected it would be to even find snow.  We ended up at the little snow park at Boreal.  It was the perfect amount of hiking and sliding for the kids.  Poor Ari was under dressed, and, even though it was quite warm, he was cold and ready to go before everyone else.  He had quite a fun time, though, eating snow and hiked much more than I expected his toddler legs to carry him.  I had a much easier time hiking and playing as well.  Since having three pregnancies in 4 years, I feel somewhat slow and immobile.  I don't tend to be drawn to outdoor activity, but when I do it, I enjoy it and wish I was more driven to experience creation more frequently.  I was please to find that I was able to hike up the small hills (sometimes even carrying a child) and was comfortable sliding with the kids.  It gave me a hope for a future of enjoyable physical activity that I rarely feel.

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