Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Trip to Las Vegas

Today, I thought I would send out a little email about our trip to Las Vegas. We visited Sandra and Austin the middle of September for a week. We had a great time. Sandra got her baby time, but I think she still wanted a bit more when we left. While we were there, we visited the strip (which I don't care to ever see again), Hoover Dam, and Mount Charleston. The Hoover Dam is so huge. It was so hot out there. What a job that must have been to work out there year round with only two days off per year! Mount Charleston was so refreshing. It was about 70 degrees and windy up there. What a nice break from the heat of the desert. Most of the time, we just spent at the house hanging out and playing. Austin did his best trying to explain to Axel how to crawl, but Axel didn't seem to want to listen.
The trip marked Axel's first ride on an airplane. He did so well. On the trip out there, we gave him an unopened bag of pretzels and his own seat, and he was occupied the whole time. The photo of him in the plane is one of my all time favorites. As our trip was about to end, Axel came down with a fever. By the time we were home, he was covered in a sad little rash that turned out to be Roseola. He was such a trooper. He barely made any complaints and after a couple nights of being uncomfortable while trying to sleep, we were back to normal.
The following week, Sandra and Austin showed up here for the weekend. It was my mom's birthday, so she got a big surprise when she showed up at the pizza place to see Sandra and Austin there too. It was a weekend full of surprises for my mom, including another surprise party on Saturday including about 35 of her good friends. So, we were glad to get a lot of Auntie Sandra and Cousin Austin time this last month. I hope that Austin and Axel get to have lots of cousin time so they can be great friends, even if they are 9 years apart.

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