Thursday, October 8, 2009

Seven Months Old

Today marks 7 months that our little Axel has been breathing the same air and sharing the same home with me and Ram. This month, I have thought a lot about the time, 42 weeks to be exact, that he was with us before that. How strange to carry someone inside of me for so long without knowing him, or her for all I knew then. He was my little sweetheart then, and he is so much more now.

This month has been a big month of development. Axel is now scooting enough to get around on his own. He enjoys discovering the different rooms in our house and all the things he can barely reach.

We have a very small house, so I just let him down on the ground when I am doing chores. He can go anywhere and won't be far. The other day, I left him in his room on is tummy. When I returned, he was sitting up in his doorway. I have attached a photo of that. He was so proud, which I think you can tell by the giant tongue sticking out. We are also doing a very loose version of EC (elimination communication). We aren't strict, but make an effort to allow Axel to use the potty when we pick up on cues that he has to go. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but he enjoys his time on the potty playing patty-cake and the itsy bitsy spider.

We have also started on solid foods. Axel has always been a good eater, so I didn't expect any less when we started big boy food. He has been eyeing the food and drink we put in our mouths for quite some time. Lately, he even pants and begs for a bite of his own. So, starting with some rice and moving forward, we are now eating squash, sweet potatoes, pears, avocado, banana, plain yogurt and green beans. Aside from the yogurt, I am making all of his food instead of buying baby food. I feel so good about this and really love making it. At this point, all it really takes is some time steaming and a go in the vita mix. The other day, I made green beans, which he loved. The color was so beautiful when I put that puree in his bowl! It looked especially sweet all over Axel's face.

Another trip to San Francisco gave us a little time away. Axel and I explored another area of the city and had a very nice day. He slept in my arms on the train; he never sleeps in my arms, so this was very special to me. I walked some major hills pushing his stroller. Finally, we visited Daddy at work and took a nap under the desk. He was so tired, he slept right through the fire drill. We are so excited for the cooler weather. We can again use the sleepy wrap when we go out. It is so cozy and cuddly. I have also found a second use for the swimming pool. It works great for containment when we go outside to play. I don't expect this will last too much longer, as Axel will be climbing out soon. We love this time of year and look forward to sharing it with Axel. Hopefully, we will make it out quite a bit to celebrate the beauty that comes with the cold air.

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