Sunday, December 20, 2009

Art Appreciation

This time in San Francisco, Ram and I spent an extra day, so that we could have some time during the day together, since he is usually working. Saturday, we visited the gift shop of the Contemporary Museum. We really only had time to swing by to appreciate the architecture of this new addition to the city's landscape.

We then visited the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMoMA). We had not been there since the new rooftop garden has been open. It was such a beautiful day! We were able to see some great pieces of work, including:
Alexander Calder, Etablissements BiƩmont, Big Crinkly, 1969
Barnett Newman, Donald Lippincott ZIM ZUM 1, 1969
Robert Arneson No Pain, 1991
The elements used in the structure of the garden were beautiful. I tried to pretend we were in our own back yard enjoying an afternoon of sunshine.
Kiki Smith Virgin Mary, 1993
Axel was so intrugued by this lady who did not move and was all one color. I could tell he was perplexed. Somehow, he knoew it was a human, but different.

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