Friday, January 29, 2010

Sopping Wet

It had been raining here for days, and Axel really wanted to get out and help in the yard. So, we bundled up and headed out. He had so much fun crawling around in the puddles and playing with the wet leaves. After about 10 minutes, Axel was sopping wet and starting to feel cold around the edges, so we went in and took a nice, hot shower.
It is so exciting that Axel is getting big wnough to explore outside more freely. He doesn't automatically put everything in his mouth, so I feel much more comfortable letting him down. Hopefully, we will have our back yard done in time for lots of playing outside in the spring.

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integrity-hc said...

So fun! Amber, you know what Grandpa would say about Axel being near those clippers, very dangerous :) It is so fun when they can really explore.