Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Axel's First Birthday Party

Ram came up with the theme for Axel's Party a few months ago. Piet Mondrian was a painter in the early 1900s. Axel's cake and invitations were a "replica" of one of his paintings. It was so fun to come up with the decor. I made a garland of red, yellow and blue felt squares that hung across the kitchen ceiling. Didn't Ram do a great job decorating that cake?

I couldn't decide which party hat I liked best, so he wore both of them. The cone with the elastic was the one that stayed on for a little while. He was so sweet in that hat!

Here's Mommy bringing Axel his first birthday cake!
And now...the cake sequence...

He hardly put any in his mouth. He did like it, when we made him taste it. It was lemon, his favorite, but I think there was too much for him to realize he was supposed to eat it.

After opening a few presents, we played in the back yard and enjoyed our family and our little boy. It was a perfect first birthday party.

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