Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pacific Northwest Road Trip Part 2

Well, part 2 did not have nearly the excitement that part 1 of our trip had. We spent some fun time in Seattle, then drove to Portland. We spent about 5 days in Portland. While Ram was at his class, Axel and I spent most of our time sleeping and playing in the quiet of the Bed and Breakfast. A few days in, I came down with a yucky cold, and that was that. I was done with vacation and wanted to be home in bed. That is exactly where I headed. We drove for a very long time and finally arrived home around 11:15 Friday night. The next several days are a blur, as I was in bed and miserable for a good portion of it. Now, Axel is sick. We hope to be on the mend by the weekend for Axel's birthday. This vacation was fun, but I don't know if i will ever want to go on another vacation again. :)

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