Saturday, June 12, 2010

May in Review

May was a rough month for me, hence the lack of blog entries. This past week has improved a bit, and I have been feeling more rested and more positive about daily life. So, here are some of the highlights from the month. We did have some fun, afterall.
Having fun in the water, really we were, despite the look on this guy's face.
Axel's new bike. He took to it quickly and likes to run into the walls and kitchen appliances.

Watching for the trash truck, a highlight of every Thursday morning.

Reading some Dr. Seuss with Daddy.

Helping Mommy cut and mash a dozen avocados.


Popcorn is fun to eat, and yummy!

He loves his puppy. He says woof woof and puts the nose in his mouth, running around the house. He loves to kiss his puppy.

He doesn't really care for swinging.

More love for the puppy.

Helping Mommy make banana bread. He loves to be up on the counter while I work. I wish it was easier to do so I could do it more often.
Axel's second time having binkies (crepes), but his first time enjoying them and eating it on his own.

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