Monday, August 16, 2010

Nevada County Fair 2010

Yesterday was our highly anticipated day at the fair. Axel woke up sick with a cold that morning, but we decided to go. Once we were seeing the sights, he was in a chipper mood. Axel responded with such fearlessness to the animals. He thought it was so funny to feed them the "grass" right out of his hands.

He loved seeing the piggies, goats, cows, chickens and sheep. He got right to their level. He even licked about a 6 inch section of a rail in the goat pens. That was a little too close for me. What if a goat heiney had been on that? Oh gross! He was all covered in hay and dirt, just the way a baby should be after visiting the 4-H section.

We couldn't get far without checking out the wheels on the tractors and mowers.

Oh, and the Humvee. We had to get near those giant wheels.

Axel and Mommy shared a corn dog. He liked it for a while, then threw it on the ground which made the rest inedible for Mommy.

After walking around a bit, we had our giant, gooey delicious cinnamon roll and made our way to the carnival area for one pass through. I didn't want to put Axel over the top with too much stimulation. A good ride on Daddy was the way to go.

I think we'll make it a family tradition to get a photo in front of all the lights of the carnival. It's really the only time we stop when walking through that area.
We also have a tradition of climbing in the photo booth (this year, it was more like stuffing ourselves in). Ram and I have a black and white strip of photos from the fair for every year we have been married. Hopefully, the kids will still want to do it when they are big. This year, Axel looks so much like his Daddy does in his family photo strip from when he was little.
What fun we had once again at the fair. Now it's time to look forward to next year.

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Sandra Walberg said...

So fun! I love how into the tires he is :) I have no idea where Austin got his love of cars either but it just goes to show they really come out individuals. Oh, geez though, licked 6 inches of that railing?? I would have died right there ;) You look beautiful Amber!