Monday, March 14, 2011

Autumn's First Trip to the City

I decided, after many months of not having the courage, to take both kids to San Francisco on the train.  Ram was working there, so we decided to invite Grandma for a little adventure- a test trip with our new double stroller- to see if we could handle spending a day there.  Of course, it was a requirement that Autumn wear tie-dye for her first trip.
We got up early Thursday morning and headed to the train station.  It was a good start and we had a nice train ride, despite Axel saying, "Done.  Off train?" when we stopped at the Sacramento station, 2 hours before our final destination.

We visited Daddy at his office, where we always get a lot of attention.  It's not every day cute little babies show up in the office.   We walked around a bit looking at some of the sights by the ferry building.  Then, it was time for a yummy cheeseburger lunch and more walking. 

Don't let this photo fool you.  Autumn spent hardly any time riding in the stroller, and this may have been the only time she was not crying while in it.  We didn't get far at all.  Actually, we hardly saw or did anything. 

Toward the end of our trip, we found a playground in China Town.  This was a much needed break for Axel, and the rest of us.

The highlight of the trip for me came when my little boy was actually tired of walking and asked to be carried.  This might have been the first time he has ever asked for me to carry him.  I strapped on the Ergo carrier and held him as we walked to the bus stop.  This was a moment I have missed for about 10 months, since I had to stop wearing him when my pregnant belly got to big.  I think I almost cried.

After a little playtime, it was time to meet Daddy and board the train to head home.  We sat next to the party group on the train ride home.  At first, we wondered if we should move, but it soon became clear to me that this would provide some good entertainment for Axel, and a break from keeping him constrained to his seat for us.  He chatted up the tipsy commuters for much of the ride home.
We were exhausted that night and the following day.  Axel was thoroughly over stimulated by the city, and being awake for the whole 13 hour trip was a bit much.  It took us a couple of days to recover.  I am still not sure if or when we will make another trip like this, but we did have fun.

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Anonymous said...

Just got caught up, glad you guys are doing well. So fun to see pictures and hear about your adventures.
Amber Nichole