Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Axel is 2

Happy Birthday, my sweet little boy. You are such a kind and thoughtful little boy. You are cheerful and like to be helpful to me and Daddy. You are becoming such a good big brother. It warms my heart each morning when you come in to our room and say, "Good morning, Aw-em" I almost don't want you to learn how to pronounce your sister's name correctly, it is so sweet just the way you say it now. You delight in sharing your cars and babies with Autumn, you read her stories and like to do tummy time right beside her.
I just adore your little face and your big brown eyes. I see the same thing in your eyes that I see in your Dad's eyes. By the way, that is what made me fall in love with him. You love following him around in the yard and helping him with his trees. I hope you are gleaning what you can, even at this age, from him. He is a great Daddy and I know you will grow up to be kind and gentle just like him.
I love you, Axel River. You are my favorite first born.

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Sandra Walberg said...

He is so sweet. I love this picture and to hear how kind he is. Kindness is so wonderful in little boys. I can't wait to see him soon.