Friday, September 2, 2011

SF Trip August 2011

The kids and I had the pleasure of visiting Daddy while he was attending a conference in San Francisco for the week.  We spent time with a good friend who showed us what a day in her life is like.  They recently celebrated their one year anniversary of living in San Francisco.  They have a great apartment in a nice neighborhood.  I love the view from their living room window.  I could sit there for hours.  Autumn liked it too.

 Axel seemed to really enjoy this trip.  He loved taking the bus or train to get around.  After a couple trips, he started asking me, "Is this our bus?" 

 We ate outside at The Cheesecake Factory atop the Macy's in Union Square.  There are more independent restaurants that we enjoy, but, with the kids, this place is so much easier.  The view is great, and the fog was rolling in, so, of course, we were loving it. 

 After being home one day, we decided to take a day trip to the bonsai show in Santa Rosa.  During the demonstration, I took the kids to a park.  Axel loved this little grove of redwoods.  He immediately deemed it a house tree and took up residence.  How appropriate that he would love the tree while Ram was enjoying his day at the tree show. 

 A dinner stop in Sonoma after playing a bit in the park square.  Axel has not been agreeable to posing for photos lately.  Autumn, on the other hand....well, she knows she's cute and doesn't mind posing for a shot or fifty.
 Mary's Pizza has become the tradition for this trip. 
We loved being outside so much where the weather was so mild, whether in the city or at the park.   I felt like I was on a date with my children the whole time we were gone.  They were so sweet.   

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Annie said...

I love these. I remember times like this were I felt like I was "on a date with my children" precious, sweet times. Also, you can come "sit for hours" in my window any time.