Friday, September 21, 2012

A Good Reason to Wait

So, you would think I would know precisely what the date is, at least what month it is, being that I am counting the days so closely.  Nope, I know that I was "due" last Thursday.  I know that today is Friday, because I have another midwife appointment.  That makes me 41 +1.  41 weeks plus 1 day.  My mind is just on other things.  I rarely know the date anymore.

Reading the news this morning, I discovered that Saturday (tomorrow) is the first day of Fall.  SO exciting!  Our favorite season is Fall, or Autumn as we like to call it.  It is such a relief to turn the corner into Fall after a long hot summer.  This one has been rough.  Being pregnant and having some periods of extended high temperatures, it has been difficult for me.  The idea that our baby might be another Autumn baby brings me such joy.  Of course, no one will be complaining here if baby arrives within the next 18 hours, but a Fall baby sounds great to me; a first day of Fall baby sounds even better.  

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Destiny said...

Amber, Praying for you as you wait and count the days...Looking forward to seeing your newest bundle of cuteness!