Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Half way there.....

As with the last two, this baby seems comfy inside with no plans to come out.  Though it seems like it has been FOREVER, I am still only half way to where I was when Autumn was late, in terms of days.  I am 6 days late right now, she was 13 days late.  With Axel, at this point, I still had 10 days!  I'm coming to terms with it, letting these things unfold on the timing that God intends.  There may come a point when I have to take more aggressive measures (the dreaded castor oil) if I want to remain at home for the labor, but, for now, I am just trying the standard things that every book and website recommend.  If there is an example of someone who those "sure" ways of getting the baby to come out does not actually work on, it's me.  But thanks to all the well meaning people who have given me their two cents on the matter.

The baby still shows signs that he or she is quite happy in there.  He or she has regular heart tones with good variability when moved around and still is moving quite well in there.  So, it's really Momma who is so eager to be able to move freely again (and hold my baby, of course).

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