Thursday, October 24, 2013


A little something different this week.  I have fallen in love with these photos.  We went in search of a giant moon.  Up on top of a ridge, the kids saw this magical sight.  They were amazed at the beauty and brightness before them.  I was in awe of the beauty and the light and the preciousness of my family.  It reminded me of one of my favorite band right now.  The first photo especially reminds me of the cover of their album, and the dream it gives me of traveling and experiencing the vast horizon with the ones I love most.  

Axel- loves outer space.  While sitting on the potty this week, looking at a couple of balloons hanging from the door jamb, he had the realization of how an eclipse occurs.  I was so proud of him and his ability to think about the alignment of the solar system.  He is such a bright boy and a bright star in my heart.  

Autumn- loves her brothers.  She takes care of her little brother.  She is quite overbearing and controlling with him, but has such a desire to be his caretaker (and his boss).  She follows and copies her big brother around all day.  She plays with trains, and cars and in the dirt.  I can hear her mimic his phrases and the way he plays.  I adore her beautiful face and spirit.  She is the most precious girl to me.

Ari- runs around now.  Following his big brother and sister.  He does this thing with his head when he feels independent.  Cocks it to the side and tilts it down, almost like a bull ready to charge.  He loves to dance and sing and scream.  In the early morning when we wake, he looks out of the cracks in the blinds and says, "Happy Day"  It sounds as clear as can be; I cannot imagine that he is saying anything else.  He also says it when we are singing happy birthday.  Ari is quickly becoming the funny little guy of the family.  Even after over a year with only two nights of 5 or more hours of continuous sleep, usually it's broken up into much smaller segments, I just treasure the moments that I get to spend close to him- nursing him in the night- feeling his little body next to mine as we sleep.  

      photo of each of my kids once a week through 2013,
inspired by Jodi  

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