Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ari turns 1

It was a great time with most of our family as we celebrated Ari's first birthday.  It has been such a beautiful year with him as he has grown into a walking one year old.  He is a smiling, sweet and loving little boy.  I can see him watching Axel and Autumn, studying their playing, getting ready to join them in everything they do.  He does so well playing in the back yard.  He crawls down the back steps himself and finds his siblings and runs around after them.  He is also independent out there.  I often find him playing by himself in the sand or gravel- seeming so satisfied to sit and pour it from cup to bucket and back. 

My sweet baby!  I love you.  You complete our family and you bring such joy to my heart.  I love to cuddle you in the night and hold you during the day.  I feel so much joy when I consider that you are my little boy.  I look forward to being your mom as you grow.

 Thank you, Ben, for the beautiful photos!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!! he looks so cute whhen eating the cake!

Anna said...