Monday, June 8, 2009

Three Months Old

Axel is three months now, and still growing. I think he is about 15 1/2 or 16 pounds. He has moved up to size 3 diapers and is in 6 month clothing for the most part. I love having a big baby!

This month, we have started to see some real development as Axel started to realize that he owns his hands and feet and can make them do things. He started sucking on them, and eventually settled on his thumb, at least for now. All of a sudden, he started liking tummy time for longer than 30 seconds and just recently has been actually enjoying it. He is rolling over both ways, but only sometimes. It seems like he forgets he can do it when he is tired or too frustrated. It is so fun to watch him grow.

Axel had his first visit to the Yuba River outside of Nevada City. This is one our very favorite places to go in the summer. It is also the place that inspired Axel's middle name. The water was still very cold. The second those little toes touched it, out came a screech and the legs recoiled. Really, we weren't trying to torture him, just introduce him to the water. It is our hope that, over time, and many family trips, Axel will grow to love this place as we do.

In honor of his big cousin and brave cancer warrior, Austin, Axel finally got to wear his orange Austin shirt. All the boys have one, so it was only natural to make a onesie to match. Axel is so loved by his Austin. One day, he will get to learn al about cars and riding 4 wheelers from his big cousin.
Axel has spent a couple of afternoons with his cousin Berkeley as well. For Mother's Day, she wore a sweet little bonnet handed down from her mommy. They are super cute together. We look forward to the days when they play together and love seeing each other.
Ram and I are adjusting well. We tried to go out for a date a couple of weeks ago, but that plan was foiled when Axel decided to refuse a bottle once we left him with my parents. Since then, he still will not take a bottle, or anything other than me. So much for any dates in the near future. We're still trying the bottle, hoping he will eventually become willing to take it. Other than the bottle, he is doing so well. Sleeping long nights and trying his best to talk to us during the day. I just love the squeaks and squeals!

Our boy is so precious to us. We are so thankful each day for what God gave to us in his little soul.

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