Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Four Months

Like a flash, month 4 went by. We had so much fun this month and are enjoying watching Axel grow. He is learning so much each day and getting so strong. This month included trips to San Francisco, which went very well as our first overnight trip, and a trip to the Yuba River for the day. Axel had more fun this time and even spent time in the water. At home, he is enjoying his pool on the front porch and baths in the tub. It is my hope that Axel loves the water from the start. When I was pregnant, I loved all things water. I took at least one bath a day (usually two) and never felt more at peace than when I was in the river. I hope that planted a seed.

Axel has really started to enjoy his toys as he is on his tummy a lot more. He sometimes likes to take breaks and rest his head on his little toy turtle. His favorite toys are still the ones on the ends of his arms and legs. A big discovery this month was that his toes are always there and always available to suck on. This is how Axel now spends much of his waking hours. When his tongue is not licking something or someone, it is usually in what we call the puppy dog position. He knows how cute we think it is and shamelessly entertains us with that wet little thing.

Axel and his little cousin have spent some time together, but still need much more time before they really know who they are staring at. it is pretty cute to watch them lay next to each other, though. I am so looking forward to them running around the yard chasing after each other!

We are having so much fun with our little sweet boy. Thank you all for the love and care for us.

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